Web Portals and E-Commerce

Web Portals

A web portal is on-line access to web-based services. More and more companies are building corporate web portals that are the focal point for employees and/or customers and suppliers. A variety of software tools, such as Plumtree, Sharepoint, and IBM Websphere, are available to facilitate the process of developing web portals. Contact Strategic IT Services if you need consultants to assist you in the development of your corporate web portal.


Strategic IT Services has Plumtree professionals capable of creating applications that integrate a wide range of services. Our Plumtree experts offer the ability to tailor applications to users, utilize developer resources and streamline web business operations. Our consultants offer innovative portal solutions and deliver comprehensive portal deployment in order to provide significant business and employee benefits.


Professionals trained on Interwoven applications provide a scalable infrastructure for managing and deploying content and applications for client web sites. With the ever increasing amount of content and capabilities, Interwoven plays a valuable role in rapidly and smoothly deploying items to growing sites.


Our SharePoint experts help create, manage and build collaborative web sites, and are knowledgeable in the current web-authoring tools, such as ready access to data coming from multiple outside sources and the capacity to build no-code, powerful applications and automated workflows. Our professional web site designers also deliver more dynamic and interactive user experiences, and create sites more rapidly and cost efficiently.

IBM Websphere

Strategic IT Services IBM Websphere developers quickly design, develop, analyze, test, profile and deploy high-quality Web, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Java, J2EE and portal applications. For an on-demand world in which software development is a key business process, our consultants help you increase productivity, and shorten the development and test cycles.


E-commerce, or Electronic Commerce, is one of the most important aspects of the internet to emerge. E-commerce allows people to exchange goods and services immediately and with no barriers of time or distance. Any time of the day or night, customers can go online and make purchases from an E-commerce site. Strategic IT Services has experience placing consultants proficient in many of the major E-Commerce tools, including Ariba, Broadvision, Commerce-One, and Vignette Open Market.


Our Ariba developers are knowledgeable in Commerce XML (cXML), an open Internet-based standard for E-commerce. These professionals are conversant in the e-commerce suite of applications, Ariba Operating Resource Management System (Ariba ORMS). Our Ariba developers’ expertise in cXML increase on-line business by facilitating the exchange of content and transactions over the Internet. 


Strategic IT Services BroadVision professionals offer expertise in Internet application solutions with personalization capabilities to meet the unique needs of each user.  Our BroadVision experts will help your businesses effectively implement internet application solutions that focus on improving customer relationships through effective use of new personalization technologies.


Commerce-One consultants provide software expertise to enable customers to purchase from your site, and pay electronically for the purchases, including shipping charges. Developing a unique, 'e-cart' software is the core of any online store. Our developers are knowledgeable in all aspects of Commerce-One utilization.

Vignette Open Market

Web content has become the public face of many organizations and Strategic IT Services professionals offer their expertise to manage the volumes of client information .  Our consultants will enable your company to fully utilize the analytic capabilities to identify market segments, to target customers by reviewing purchase histories and modeling customer behavior. Vignette Open Market expertise allows our programmers to define target customers across multiple touch points with meaningful and relevant products, promotions, content.  

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