Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications help you adapt to market dynamics through value creation and delivery along the supply chain.  Specific goals include reducing inventory by matching supply with demand, increasing the transaction speed by exchanging data in real time, and growing sales by implementing customer requirements more efficiently.  Strategic IT Services consultants provide expertise in leading SCM software products, such as Manugistics and i2. Our consultants are also well versed in SCM solutions integrated into ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft.


Our consultants model your existing supply chain, set goals, forecast, optimize, schedule time and materials, and allocate resources to maximize return on assets and ensure a profitable match of supply and demand.


Strategic IT Services professionals understand how i2 products work together seamlessly to provide a complete analytical environment. Whether you need to analyze complex data, share results, or collaborate, Strategic IT Services has the i2 expert to provide the solution.


Our Manugistics specialists provide solutions to synchronize and optimize the supply chain through the implementation of Manugistics solutions.


Strategic IT Services consultants are well-versed in the Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management family of applications and are able to automate key supply chain activities, from design, planning and procurement to manufacturing, fulfillment, optimizing performance, streamlining support, and maximizing ROI.

PeopleSoft (now part of Oracle)

Strategic IT Services PeopleSoft SCM experts provide extensive knowledge in synchronized supply chain solutions and experience in the internet applications offering cost savings over the entire supply chain—including plan-to-produce and order-to-cash business processes.


Many companies are using Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) software to accelerate internal product development and improve efficiencies in the development process.PLM integrates functions such as product innovation, design and engineering, and quality, with supplier management.  Our consultants are versed in key PLM products such as Matrix-One, WindChill and SAP, and can work with you to implement PLM solutions that help your internal teams collaborate to more effectively bring products to market.
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications help businesses manage and deliver customer value, and improve competitive advantage and profitability through detailed understanding of customer purchasing attributes and marketing intelligence.  CRM covers the full sales cycle, including pre-sales, after-sales, and product support. In addition, many CRM applications can provide detailed analytics to business management.  Strategic IT Services has expertise placing CRM consultants skilled in technologies such as Siebel, Vantive, and Clarify. In addition, we can find CRM specialists to integrate solutions offered by ERP providers SAP and Oracle/PeopleSoft.


Our Oracle product specialists’ knowledge covers the breadth of CRM functionality, from sales, marketing, and e-commerce, to customer service, multi-channel interaction, and analytics. Regardless of your organization's size or industry focus, Oracle CRM experts deliver the maximum information and software capabilities.

Siebel (now part of Oracle)

Strategic IT Services consultants with Siebel knowledge will design CRM solutions to fit any size organization and deliver seamless, superior customer experiences by extending CRM to everyone in their organizations and partner networks.

PeopleSoft (now part of Oracle)

Strategic IT Services consultants provide expertise in planning and executing differentiated customer strategies, gaining visibility into customer performance and planning precise strategies that grow value. Our consultants enable you to set value targets for each customer segment and track ongoing performance real-time.


Our professionals with SAP proficiency are able to orchestrate customer-related tasks across departmental boundaries, seamlessly incorporating activities such as fulfillment, shipping, invoicing, and accounts receivable. Our knowledgeable experts are able to bring together all relevant sources of customer data for faster and better decision making, thus enabling management to address strategic priorities first, accomplish business objectives quickly, and expand solutions incrementally — realizing a tangible ROI at each step.


Strategic IT Services Vantive professionals provide application expertise to enable your company to consolidate customer data from different applications, including legacy and back-office applications, to provide a total view of the customer and more effectively meet your customer's needs.


Our Clarify experts integrate Clarify with existing technology and customize it to support your unique business environment. Our professionals will help you identify the level of customization appropriate to meet business needs.

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